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Flavour of the Month

By Veronica Aloess

Album: Lana Del Rey: Ultraviolence

‘Summertime Sadness’ from Lana Del Rey’s last album was the anthem for summer last year. Del Rey calls this album ‘a little more stripped down but still cinematic and dark’, which is just want you want for summer, so it will probably be a smash hit again.

When? 17 June

Gig: Aracade Fire

Canadian indie-rockers Arcade Fire bring the worldwide Reflektor tour to London in one of they year’s most unmissable gigs.

When? 6 June  

Where? Earls Court Exhibition Centre, SW5 9TA

Film: The Fault in Our Stars

Maybe this is because I’m an English student, but I know enough people who have read John Green’s book which this is adapted from, to know that if I miss this, I’ll be missing out on some quality heart wrenching stuff.

When? 6 June

Play: The Last Days of Troy

Model Lily Cole has already proven she’s more than a pretty face with her double 1st from Cambridge and acting roles in feature films. Now she takes on the role of the most beautiful woman in history, Helen of Troy, on one of the world’s toughest stages: Shakespeare’s Globe.

When? 10th-28th June

Where? Shakespeare’s Globe, SE1 9DT

Opera: Benvenuto Cellini

I can’t find any musicals opening this month, so why not give opera a go? Monty Python’s Terry Gilliam has returned to the ENO to direct Berlioz’s Benvenuto Cellini. You’re not going to give it a try are you?

When? 5th-27 June

Where? London Coliseum, WC2N 4ES

Dance: Bad Boys of Dance: Rock the Ballet

Rasta Thomas’ Rock the Ballet makes its London debut after already enjoying success in the USA, Australia and Europe with their blend of classical ballet techniques fused with other styles of dance against a rocky soundtrack.

When? 10th-28th June

Where? Peacock Theatre, WC2A 2HT

Cabaret: The House of Burlesque

As part of London Wonderground, the immensely talented House of Burlesque bring their evening of exhilarating and extravagant entertainment to the Spiefeltent, hosted by the bawdy and beautiful Miss Tempest Rose, and featuring the finest international burlesque stars.

When? 12th June-18th September

Where? London Wonderground, SE1 8XX

Comedy: Free Fringe Benefit

Contrary to its name this event isn’t actually free, sorry. Before taking the show up to the Edinburgh Fringe, where the event will be free, a host of comedians including Stewart Lee, Pippa Evans, and Richard Herring will try out their material on Londoner’s. It’s either this or pay for a ticket to Scotland, to be fair.

When? 13 June

Where? Bloomsbury Theatre, WC1H 0AH


Events: June

ByVeronica Aloess

What? LIFT Festival

The London International Festival of Theatre returns to the capital across a series of venues with over 30 productions from 13 countries. The Festival crosses across all art forms from live performance to art exhibits in a celebration of international artists.

When? 30th May-29th June

Where? Southbank Centre, SE1 8XX


What? London Wine Week

Over 130 London bars and restaurants are taking part in London wine week. Wristbands will allow ticket holders access to special offers and experiences taking place this week. That’s an ambitious pub crawl right there.

When? 2nd-8th June

Where? Borough Wines, SE1 1TL


What? Spitalfields Music Summer Festival

This small but hip community embrace festival season with one of their own, offering a stage for small scale classical, folk and contemporary music performances across a series of venues.

When? 6th-21st June

Where? Christ Church Spitalfields, E1 6LY


What? Nightrider

A 100km cycle past some of London’s greatest sights by moonlight. I call it a poor excuse for exercise, but you could call it a romantic night out, or fun fundraising opportunity.

When? 7th June

Where? Alexandra Palace, N22 7AY


What? Toy Stories

Italian photographer Gabriele Galimberti visited more than 50 countries over 18 months to create images of children with their most prized possessions: their toys. Galimberti’s beautiful photos capture kid’s natural tendency to enjoy playtime no matter what their background is.

When? 7th June-14th December

Where? V&A Museum of Childhood, E2 9PA


What? Trooping the Colour

A vibrant display of ceremony and military history marks the second of the Queen’s two birthdays (this is the official one, her actual birthday is on the 21st April).

When? 14th June

Where? Horse Guards Parade


What? World Naked Bike Ride

Probably not marking the Queen’s birthday, the world rides bare back to raise awareness for more tolerance for bikes on the roads. It’s definitely an experience.

When? 14th June

Where? Regents Park, NW1 4NR

What? Taste of London

Admittedly, this is probably the priciest of the foodie festivals, but it also boasts the most Michelin starred chefs. Four days of al fresco gluttony await.

When? 18th-22nd June

Where? Regents Park, NW1 4NR


What? Greenwich & Doclands International Festival

The UK’s largest annual programme of outdoor dance returns, with a host of free and ticketed events. The GDIF are no strangers to spectacle, showing what they’re capable of to a worldwide audience at the London 2012 Paralympic Opening Ceremony.

When? 20th-28th June

Where? Greenwich, SE10 9HF


What? Camden Crawl

More than 25 venues spanning the two mile stretch of NW1 host over 250 artists, DJs and fringe events at (in) famous venues like Koko, Roundhouse, the Electric Ballroom and the Jazz Café.

When? 20th-21st June

Where? Camden, NW1 8EH


What? West End LIVE 2014

For those more inclined to jazz hands than head banging, an alternative live music event returns to Trafalgar Square showcasing our West End with excerpts from your favourite shows.

When? 21st-22nd June

Where? Trafalgar Square, WC2N 5DS

What? City of London Festival

I’m now beginning to wonder why event organisers think we have this much time considering how many festivals are on in June. Anyway, this is a summer programme of music, visual arts, film, walks and talks. Expect more than 100 events across several venues, and several of them are free. If you couldn’t get cultured enough in June…

When? 22nd June – 25th July

Where? St Paul’s Cathedral Tickets, EC4M 8AD


What? Pride in London

Last but not least, June comes to a colourful close with the Pride parade, which regularly draws a crowd of 65000 people to Trafalgar Square which culminates in concerts featuring chart acts, dancers, etc. This year’s theme is ‘freedom to…’ in celebration of the freedom that Londoners have fought for and enjoy today.

When? 28th June

Where? Trafalgar Square, WC2N 5DS



Review: X-Men: Days of Future Past ****

By Veronica Aloess

X-Men: Days of Future Past unites the classic generations of Patrick Stewart’s Professor Xavier and Ian McKellan’s Magneto, with their First Class generations, played respectively by James MacAvoy and Michael Fassbender. These two eras are mediated by Wolverine, played by the glorious Hugh Jackman as always. In a future like the one Magneto has always predicted, mutants and those who help them face extinction by a genocidal programme. So, Wolverine must project his consciousness into the past with the help of Shadowcat’s time-travelling power (Ellen Page), in order to prevent this ever happening. Their fate all hinges around Bolivar Trask’s (played by Game of Thrones’ Peter Dinklage) programme being implemented by the government, and keeping him from getting his hands on Mystique’s (Jennifer Lawrence) DNA which will make his weapons – called sentinels – unstoppable. Like Mystique, the sentinels of the future are able to adapt their form so they can defeat any mutant power possible. With all the forces of the future waiting for a last stand against the sentinels, Wolverine essentially has an hour and a half to save everybody’s lives.

It’s a questionable, but incredibly tense plotline. Xavier and Magneto aren’t friends in the past, and furthermore have never met Wolverine when he must seek their help tracking down Mystique. So although the initial preset which brings the characters together takes up roughly half of the screen time, it does afford us a chance to delve deeper into the backstories of these characters (as well giving the minor character Quicksilver (Evan Peters) the opportunity for some scenes which will genuinely make you laugh out loud). Dramatically, the screenwriters add an intensely emotional layer to this primarily action-based film franchise by posing the characters’ personal struggles against the larger threat of a human vs mutant war.

And director, Bryan Singer, makes the most of distinctly human aspect of the mutant characters’ storyline by showing off his stellar cast’s acting chops at nearly every opportunity. McAvoy and Fassbender are even more impressive than they were in First Class, being riddled with infinite more issues, and in a particularly moving duet between two great thespians, McAvoy sends his consciousness into the future to engage in an uplifting exchange with his older self. And of course, Jennifer Lawrence can do no wrong, and her stubborn yet conflicted portrayal of Mystique leads the film to gravitate around her journey.

I think this is one of the best films in the franchise. However, I saw the film with a Marvel super-fan, and they may disagree. This entire film manipulates storylines which were established by the previous six films in the franchise. And although I think it cleverly resets everything to bring back favourite characters from the past and create new villains to secure the future of these films, it’s easy to understand that fans of the series may feel it’s necessary to pull the story arc to pieces in an effort to make logical sense of what the hell is going on in Marvel Universe now.

Altogether, it may be outlandish, but this is an excellent piece of storytelling from Bryan Singer, which balances plot with action. He takes advantage of the fact that we’ve come to love all these characters and will willingly follow them to the fringes of their existence, yet continues to deliver even bigger and better action sequences with gorgeous graphics. You will definitely have at least one moment in this film where you’re gripped by terror as you think your favourite character is about to die. Maybe, you can take Peter Dinklage out of the bloodbath that is Game of Thrones, but…



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